About Our Work

A non-profit organization (INO MTÜ) founded in Estonia and dedicated to advancing the adoption of Internet Native Organizations by fostering a code-driven, community-oriented, equitable governance model that is distributed, transparent, and trustworthy.

INO — Internet Native Organization

INO is an internet-native organizational approach that is designed to address the shortcomings of traditional DAOs by providing greater transparency, accountability and security while also promoting innovation and collaboration. With its own legal structure, INO reflects its digital nature through periodic updates for compliance purposes.

The Objective

Our mission is to create value by developing a standard and best practices for governance, scalability, engagement, and compliance for Internet Native Organizations, help reduce legal risks and create a suitable legal framework for the mass adoption of these organizations.

Our Goals:

  • Make Estonia's legal framework suitable for internet-native organizations and help create a regulatory framework in which INOs can benefit from Estonia's digital society.
  • Develop and disseminate best practices for governance, scalability, engagement, and compliance.
  • Foster a community of Internet-native organizations that shares knowledge and resources.
  • Promote the adoption of industry standards and best practices among Internet-native organizations.
  • Partner with academic institutions, law firms, and other stakeholders to advance the development and management of Internet-native organizations.
  • Advocate for legal recognition of Internet-native organizations as a legitimate form of business entity.
  • Provide ongoing support and resources to Internet-native organizations to help them achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

Core Values of INO:

  1. Distributed Governance: Emphasizing the equitable participation and ensuring that decision-making is a collective effort, leveraging the wisdom and insights of the entire community.
  2. Digital Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of transparency, security, and compliance in all digital operations, ensuring that the organization remains trustworthy and resilient in the face of rapid technological advancements.
  3. Global Collaboration: Bridging global talents and perspectives to co-create, innovate, and drive the organization's mission, unhindered by geographical or cultural barriers.

Our Accomplishments Include:

The First DAO Incorporated In Estonia — In August 2022, we drafted our custom DAO-inspired AoA (legal wrapper for constitution) for INO MTÜ, the first non-profit DAO to be accepted in Estonia's commercial register.

DAO Day Estonia — The biggest DAO-related conference, held on March 28th, 2023, was a milestone event that brought together DAO builders, experts, and leading thinkers from various fields to articulate a common vision for a new form of collaboration and organization.

Internet-Native Show — We've started a series of interviews with people who are making waves in the internet-native economy and DAO ecosystem.

Participation in the European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox —We're proud to be the only organization from Estonia selected for the inaugural cohort of the European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox. This participation underscores our commitment to exploring the potential of DAOs and their legal and regulatory landscape in Estonia and Europe.

We are revolutionizing the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, making them more efficient, equitable, and internet-native.