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Join us as we collectively shape the destiny of DAOs, harnessing their potential to revolutionize industries, empower communities, and enable decentralized decision-making, global collaboration, and unparalleled transparency.

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Why Join the DAO Association?

Community & Collaboration

Connect with passionate DAO enthusiasts, share knowledge, and forge partnerships that drive innovation and growth.

Exclusive Access

Get first dibs on our legal and tooling resources, workshops, events, and networking opportunities.

Influence & Advocacy

Shape the future of DAOs by contributing to policy discussions, setting industry standards, and promoting mainstream adoption.

Meaningful Impact

Be part of a nonprofit advocating for a predictable legal framework and developing compliant building blocks for global DAO adoption.

Membership Options

Join the DAO Association and become part of a movement that's reshaping the future of digital organizations, with membership options designed to support your unique needs and goals.

Individual Membership

Perfect for researchers, academics, consultants, developers, or anyone passionate about DAOs.

€350 /year

Join as an Individual →
  • Access a global network of like-minded DAO enthusiasts
  • Explore a curated library of DAO resources and research
  • Attend exclusive events, webinars, and networking sessions
  • Participate in working groups and contribute to the ecosystem
  • A social media shoutout when you join the DAO Association

Organizational Membership

Designed for DAOs, service providers, and organizations seeking to make a significant impact.

€1000 /year

Join as an Organization →
  • All Individual Membership benefits for a designated representative
  • Your organization's logo featured on our website
  • 3 hours of complimentary consultancy per year for your DAO needs
  • Opportunity to co-host events and webinars with the DAO Association
  • Priority consideration for speaking opportunities at our events

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I pay for my membership?

Here's what you can expect:

  • Application: You'll be redirected to a short application form. This helps us ensure alignment with the DAO Association's mission and values.
  • Decision: You'll hear back within 7 days regarding your application status.
  • KYC: If approved, we may request KYC (Know Your Customer) information for AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance.
  • Refund: In the unlikely event your application isn't approved, you'll receive a full refund.

Can I pay by crypto?

Yes! Please contact us, and we'll send you an invoice to be paid by cryptocurrency.

I'm interested in DAOs but can't afford the membership fee. Are there options for me?

Yes, please contact us, and we'll work with you to find a suitable solution, such as a contributor role or a deferred payment plan.

What is the refund policy?

We have a process to evaluate applications, and we only offer refunds in the case of non-approval. Please only join the membership when you are sure about your commitment to the DAO Association.

How long does the membership last?

Both Individual and Organizational Memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase. You'll have the option to renew your membership at the end of the year.

Can I upgrade my membership from Individual to Organizational?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership at any time. Simply pay the difference between the Individual and Organizational Membership fees, and your benefits will be upgraded for the remainder of your membership term.

How can I get involved in the DAO Association's initiatives?

As a member, you'll have access to our Discord server, where you can join working groups, participate in discussions, and contribute to various initiatives. You'll also receive regular updates about opportunities to get involved through our member newsletter.

What are the consultancy services offered with Organizational Membership?

The complimentary consultancy services include personalized advice on DAO governance, legal issues, or operational strategies to enhance your DAO's effectiveness.

How can we co-host an event with the DAO Association?

Organizational Members can propose self-funded event themes to co-host webinars, workshops, and IRL events with us. Simply reach out to us to discuss your event proposal.

We can't wait to see what we'll achieve together.