Shaping the Future of Digital Orgs

INOs revolutionize governance and collaboration by fusing code and law to construct equitable automated organizational structures, inspired by DAOs.


Together with legal experts, commercial registers, regulators, and the European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox, we pursue policy leadership by advocating the legitimacy of internet-native entities. Our efforts focus on overcoming adoption barriers, setting the stage for these organizations to flourish across progressive European nations and beyond.


Our exploratory research examines innovations within the future-of-work, process automation and DAO landscape spanning digital governance, operations, wrappers, security and legal frameworks - extracting cross-disciplinary insights on embedding compliance, accessibility and collective priorities that fuel equitable progress.


Led by our versatile team of technologists, governance architects, and legal practitioners, we operate as an applied INO sandbox — conducting small-scale INO experiments across various domains and collaborating with communities and enterprises to pilot INO implementation aligned to their use case.

From DAO to INO – A Seamless Transition

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have witnessed exponential growth with over 19,000+ DAOs collectively managing $28 billion+ in treasuries, inspires a strategic evolution to Internet Native Organizations (INOs) — retaining DAO strengths while expanding scope for legal soundness and global accessibility.