Fueling Business Growth with Community-Driven Work - Event Recap

Fueling Business Growth with Community-Driven Work Event Pics
Fueling Business Growth with Community-Driven Work Event Pics

On June 5th, 2024, the Internet Native Organization (INO NPO) and Intersect hosted an inspiring event titled "Fueling Business Growth with Community-Driven Work" at PwC Estonia in Tallinn. The event attracted a diverse group of 53 registrations, including business leaders, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and community advocates, to explore the transformative power of community collaboration and collective intelligence in driving business success and innovation.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome and introduction by Astra Tikas and Kaisa Keerd from INO NPO, setting the stage for an evening of insightful discussions and knowledge-sharing. Tevo Saks from Cardano Community then took the stage to provide an overview of Cardano and Intersect, highlighting their community-centric approach to development and governance.

Tevo talking about Cardano

Tevo shared the history of Cardano, a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that started in 2015 by a few visionaries. He got into it in 2017 and was more of a learner until 2019. Cardano had three pillars: Emurog, IOG, and Cardano Foundation, which helped decentralize the system with many access keys. In 2019, the Ouroboros whitepaper was released. Around 2020 and 2021, Tevo became more involved, and Project Catalyst, an incentivized governance fund, was launched. In 2022, smart contracts were launched, leading to more on-chain improvements.

Intersect, a member-based organization for the Cardano ecosystem, was introduced. It has five missions:

  1. Coordinate open-source development of core technologies for Cardano.
  2. Facilitate the continuity of Cardano for system stability.
  3. Orchestrate delivery of the community-approved Cardano Technical Roadmap.
  4. Administrate and champion Cardano's community-led governance implemented by CIP 1694.
  5. Support the community to develop the ecosystem by hosting developer-focused conferences, hackathons, and events.
Panel Discussion

The highlight of the event was an engaging panel discussion on "Community-led Growth," moderated by Astra and featuring a distinguished lineup of speakers:

The panelists shared valuable insights on leveraging collective intelligence for business growth. They emphasized strategies such as fostering a sense of belonging, encouraging active participation, and incorporating community feedback into decision-making processes. The importance of clear communication, shared values, and educational initiatives in building trust and empowering community members was also highlighted.

Interestingly, both e-Residency and LHV communities actively fund their own events and activities, demonstrating the power of community-driven initiatives. While having a community leader as a trustworthy figurehead can be beneficial, the panelists agreed that the common thread in successful communities is the shared desire to learn and experience together. Experience shows that simple chat tools are often preferred over more complex platforms, as they facilitate easier communication and engagement.

Decentralized communities often distinguish themselves through their unique decision-making processes and treasury management, which are not commonly seen in mainstream organizations. This presents an exciting opportunity for businesses to explore new models of governance and resource allocation that prioritize community involvement and transparency.

The path to achieving greater business growth through community-led power remains an exciting area for exploration and learning. As more organizations recognize the value of collective intelligence and decentralized collaboration, we can expect to see innovative approaches and success stories emerge in the near future.

During the open mic session, Miao from SuperFluid introduced the concept of quadratic funding, a novel approach to community-driven resource allocation. Quadratic funding allows community members to signal their preferences and collectively fund projects or initiatives that align with their values and priorities. This innovative mechanism generated significant interest among the attendees, sparking discussions about its potential applications in various industries and ecosystems.

Key takeaways from the event included:

  1. Community engagement is a powerful driver of business growth and innovation, enabling organizations to tap into the collective wisdom and expertise of their stakeholders.
  2. Fostering a sense of belonging, transparency, and shared ownership is crucial for building trust and encouraging active participation within communities.
  3. Decentralized governance and community-driven decision-making can lead to more inclusive, resilient, and adaptable organizations.
  4. Quadratic funding presents an exciting opportunity for communities to collaboratively allocate resources and support initiatives that align with their values and goals.
  5. Embracing community-driven approaches requires a shift in mindset and a willingness to experiment with new models of collaboration and value creation.

The event concluded with closing remarks by Kaisa Keerd, who emphasized the importance of ongoing collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the Intersect and INO communities. Attendees were encouraged to continue the conversation and explore opportunities for partnerships and collective action.

As the event drew to a close, participants had the opportunity to network, forge new connections, and discuss potential collaborations over food and drinks. The energy and enthusiasm in the room were really high, reflecting the shared commitment to driving positive change through community-driven work.

"Fueling Business Growth with Community-Driven Work" was a success, bringing together a vibrant community of individuals passionate about the power of collective intelligence and decentralized collaboration. The insights and connections gained from this event will undoubtedly inspire further innovation and growth in the realm of community-driven organizations.

INO NPO and Intersect would like to express their gratitude to all the speakers, panelists, and attendees who contributed to the success of this event. We look forward to continuing the conversation and working together to build a more inclusive, equitable, and collaborative future.

If you're interested in joining the Intersect community, sign up using the following link: https://www.intersectmbo.org/join

Stay tuned for more exciting events and initiatives from INO NPO and Intersect as we continue to lead the way in community-driven innovation and growth!