INO Council For Innovation

INO Council For Innovation

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are changing how we think about how organizations work, and offering a more socially-conscious structure.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the concept, software-enabled DAOs are an exciting new form of community, coordination and work. They allow participants to coordinate activities and even distribute profits in a way that traditional, hierarchical organizations can’t get away with. DAOs come in many different shapes and sizes, including ones that govern crypto protocols, make investments, provide services to other DAOs, and purchase NFTs. The potential impact on society is enormous!

Practical Challenges

The legal and regulatory landscape for DAOs is still uncertain and uneven, creating questions and risks for participants. A DAO's legal structure has implications beyond corporate law, including falling into securities law, taxation, employment and labour law, anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT).

DAOs use a variety of voting processes, tools, and governance procedures to aid their efforts to govern. The most common problem we hear about is voter apathy; if your DAO is lucky, about 25% of the token holders will actually vote. That's worse than a governmental election!

Despite the continued and rapid expansion of DAOs, critics view them as ephemeral and compare them with ICOs. Although DAO's image has been tarnished by various reported rug pulls, it remains popular among believers.

The Collective Intelligence

We at Internet Native Organization, believe that reshaped DAOs will be the next big thing for symbiosis of humans and technology. There is a lot of interest in using DAOs to address ESG issues, not just economically but also socially. For millennia, any tool that manifestly improves coordination between humans produced dramatic economic and social gains.

Help us reshape DAO by joining the invite-only council!

Join us on the journey of shaping the future of DAOs by contributing your skills and experience to our invite-only collective. This group consists of individuals who are experienced in building DAOs, founders of VC-backed web3 startups, web3 venture investors, ecosystem builders, and C-level executives at crypto scale-ups.

Your Contribution

  • Monetary contribution (Paid for one year membership, renewable, and can be written off as a company expense) — contribute-what-you-want: Beyond a basic contribution of €1000, you can support our non-profit's mission by contributing more
  • A 2-3 hour commitment once a month to join a luncheon or group discussions
  • Be open to the collaborative, experimental and insightful exchange

Your Benefits

  • Priority access to DAO research findings, tools, and templates
  • The opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals, discuss challenges and ideas and form strategies
  • Opportunity to collaborate on innovative DAO-related pilots and initiatives
  • Council Member title
  • You, along with your company's logo, will be featured on INO's website
  • DAO Membership (NFT Airdrop) — you'll have a say in governance
  • Bring your proposals or ideas to the INO discussion channel
  • Own a Genesis NFT

With your help, we can develop the standards and best practices that will allow DAOs to flourish.