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INO guest post guidelines

The Internet Native Organization is an innovative leader in helping companies rethink how their business should be managed and governed in the digital age.

When reading our content, our clientele, blog readers, and the team expect the sharpest minds and the latest trends to make them rethink their current ways of working.

INO accepts guest post contributions that can challenge our mindset and how we examine the DAO industry.

We’re looking for writers who can discuss the following focus areas:

  • DAOs
  • Global jurisdictions for companies
  • Web3 consultancy
  • Governance systems
  • Internet native governance

If this sounds like you, read about our guidelines for writing on our blog.

We get a lot of pitches. Most don’t get accepted. Here are some tips to stay out of our trash folder:


  • Submit your post via Google docs or MS Word only.
  • Articles should be from 1,000 to 2,000 words in length.
  • We write in American English only.
  • Most include one internal link to one of our own blog posts.


  • Use active, not passive voice.
  • Be specific, don’t write fluff.
  • Never plagiarize; we expect only original content.
  • No hate speech.
  • No self-promotional content.
  • Use recent and sourced examples to illustrate your points and hyperlink your sources.
  • No use of AI; we expect human writing only.


  • Only the first word in the title should be capitalized. The title should be H1.
  • Only capitalize the first word in each subheading. Subheads should begin with H2 and below.
  • Periods go inside quotation marks. “This is how you would punctuate a quote.”
  • Question marks go inside quotation marks if they’re part of the quote. “How do I punctuate a quote?”
  • Leave a single space between sentences.
  • Capitalize the first word of a bullet point.
  • Use subheadings and short paragraphs to break up large chunks of text.
  • Use exclamation points sparingly, and never more than one at a time.
  • Use en-dash (–) to indicate a range or span of numbers. Do not use hyphens.
  • When writing out an email address or website URL, use all lowercase.
  • Capitalize the names of websites and web publications. Don’t italicize.
  • Avoid spelling out URLs, but when you need to, leave off the http://www

Important – Please note!

  • No affiliate links.
  • No links to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, pornography, or payday loan websites.
  • No obvious anchor text placement. “Software developer USA” is an example of anchor text placement.
  • One dofollow backlink is permitted in the author’s bio, not the main text. The link will only be to the company homepage.
  • Author bio must be 2-3 sentences long and will include a professional headshot image sized at 200 x 200 pixels.


  1. Pitch your unwritten idea to us.
  2. Our team will assess your pitch and decide whether it will match our focus areas.
  3. Send your post to us for internal review and final edit. If it met our guidelines it will be sent for publishing. If it does not, you will have one revision to correct.
  4. Post is published once it has received editorial approval by our team.
  5. The post is shared with our network and we invite you to share amongst yours.

We look forward to your pitch!