Government Stack & Fair Data Economy at DAO Day: A Deep Dive with Ott Velsberg

Government Stack & Fair Data Economy at DAO Day: A Deep Dive with Ott Velsberg

At the DAO Day conference, Ott Velsberg from the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications delivered a comprehensive keynote on Estonia's digital journey, emphasizing the role of data in shaping the nation's future. The talk provided insights into Estonia's vision for a data-driven economy and the steps being taken to realize this vision.

As the Chief Data Officer of the Estonian government, Ott shed light on Estonia's mission to harness the power of data to fuel its economy. By 2030, Estonia aims to derive a significant portion of its income from the digital economy. The government is actively supporting companies in leveraging digital solutions and is also encouraging citizens to utilize data in a human-centric manner.

Key Insights from the Keynote:

  1. Data Value Realization: Estonia recognizes the intrinsic value of data. The nation has transitioned from merely digitizing systems to understanding that data can drive economic growth. The potential savings and productivity increases from better data utilization are substantial, with estimates suggesting savings of up to 1.3 trillion euros in manufacturing and 120 billion euros in the health sector across the EU.
  2. Open Data Movement: Estonia has made significant strides in open data publication. From having only 40 datasets in 2018, the country now boasts 1575 open datasets. This growth signifies a shift in mindset, recognizing the societal expectation for government transparency.
  3. Consent Service: Estonia has introduced a consent service that allows citizens to share government-held data with third parties. This service has seen over 2.2 million consents generated since its inception, primarily aiding the financial sector.
  4. AI-Powered Government: Estonia's first AI strategy, launched in 2019, envisioned the public sector as a leader in AI adoption. The country has since developed reusable AI components, with over 100 AI projects currently in operation within the government. These projects range from real-time subtitling solutions to virtual government assistants.
  5. Privacy and Trust: As data becomes increasingly integral to Estonia's vision, the government is investing in ensuring data privacy and building trust. Initiatives include the development of synthetic data and tools to protect individual privacy, along with extensive data literacy programs.

Estonia's digital journey underscores the nation's commitment to harnessing the power of data for economic growth. With a focus on transparency, reusability, and collaboration, Estonia is setting a benchmark for other nations in the realm of digital governance and data-driven economies.

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